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Re: state of the group September 1996

At 10:13 PM 9/4/96, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>The purpose of this message is to apprise new and old subscribers
>alike on the status of our 'telecine internet group' and introduce a
>couple of new things.

>New Rule #1: Vendor/manufacturers are to pay a $100 annual
>subscription fee.
>New Rule #2: No advertisements will be placed on this group without
>clearance from me.

Quite right too Rob, what took you so long?
BTW it is standard for "pre-owned" equipment brokers to ask 10-15% of the
sale price...something we know only too well here at Editel; so I think it
would be quite reasonable for TIG to get a part of the proceeds, say 5%?
I look forward to supporting postings from other Chief Engineers or folks
who are in the business of disposing of gear.

Hearty regards to all
Mike O.