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Re: Problem film flats

Lee wrote:
>Regarding perfs slipped in camera with resultant out-of-frame registration,
>it has frequently been practice in labs processing and setting up for
>telecine transfer to cut and splice the film, in the fogged area created 
>by the cameraman's aperture check, to maintain proper framing . We, for
>instance, do that at Film Craft Lab in Detroit.  Is there any potential
>problem in this practice for proper KeyCode operation ?  
Not at all, that is the best method... provided your Keycode reader can
on-the-fly detect the Keycode dot position related to the image
frame line.
(e.g. a pos.3 dot jumping to pos.1 after a splice could generate a 
one frame error in edit lists if the KC reader is not designed 
to perform instant auto-rephasing). 

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