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Abuse of "altruistic intentions"

At 09:14 PM 9/8/96 -0800, Mike Orton wrote:
>would be quite reasonable for TIG to get a part of the proceeds, say 5%?
>I look forward to supporting postings from other Chief Engineers or folks
>who are in the business of disposing of gear.
>Hearty regards to all
>Mike O.
I agree that the selling party should, in good conscious, pay a percentage
of the final selling price (somewhere around 5%). This would still give the
seller quite a break on "normal" broker commissions, and still allows the
seller to directly reach many potentially interested parties. It is most
unreasonable to assume that Rob should not receive compensation from
companies making a profit from this list. It is not fair to take advantage
of Rob's "altruistic intentions". 
Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video