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Re: Wanted to purchase

On Sep 9, 15:50, Dave Harrison wrote:
} Subject: Wanted to purchase

>         We are seeking to purchase a used 16mm Rank 3C gate. If you have one
> for sale please e-mail me.
> Dave Harrison
> dave_harrison at mindlink.bc.ca

If anyone does contact Dave about their gate for sale, please contact
as well rob at alegria.com to discuss the fee due the group for the
commercial use of this mailinglist.

Dave, this mailinglist does exist in order to assist its subscribers.
It should be self-sustaining, in that subscribers should not profit at
the expense of anyone else (me).  It is in this spirit that my posting
of Wednesday, September 4 contained:

> New Rule #2: No advertisements will be placed on this group without
> clearance from me.

I must however thank you Dave for making a personal contribution this
year to the group.


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