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glossary project

I've received a lot of comments about the 'glossary project'
originally proposed by Ricardo Herling (Panta rhei Germany).

Dave Tosh (Complete Post, LA, CA) suggested we start a thread on each
potential term, with the definitive definition wrapping up the thread.
I like that idea, but how many terms are we talking about-- 
wouldn't it take a year (at least) to discuss them?  

Lorne Miess (Studio Post & Transfer, Alberta, CA) suggested looking at
Sunset Post's glossary, and Kodak's.

Donna Chapman (Pacific Radio, LA, CA) offered help, and Anil
Srivastava (Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA) offered his learned
assistance, especially with respect to South Asia.

Yuri Neyman (Gamma & Density, Studio City, CA) offered his help, and
said he already has a glossary compiled for DP's and colorists.

Bill Elswick (Entertainment Technology Assoc., Santa Monica, CA)
offered his help on audio synch issues as relates to film/video.

....and Jim James (Sunset Post, Glendale, CA) pointed out that he is
the one who compiled the glossary for his company's webpage.

I took a quick look at Sunset Post's glossary and it does look fairly
complete (http://www.sunsetpost.com/glossary.htm), but as has been
pointed out it would be great to include international terms...

Because Jim James has already done a lot of the work, what about
doing an 'extension' to his glossary that would include terms he
doesn't mention, including the international ones?  


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