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Re: URSA Color Drift

Ken Robinson wrote:
 Dave Corbitt wrote:

>                       Subject:                              Time:  12:43 PM
>   OFFICE MEMO         URSA Color Drift                      Date:  9/11/96
> In searching the TIG archives I was unable to find URSA color drift as an old
> topic, only MK3 color drift.
There was a great deal of talk about the placement of the diodes in the
head end.  I know that Rank moved them onto the A-D cards to help stop
the drift, caused by temperature variation.  I have a feeling that this
is the
usual deal of stopping one problem and causing another...  I for one had
far more problems on the Gold I was using in Mexico than either the Gold
or URSA that I have here.

I think also that just from a CRT point of view it will be difficult to
stop some sort of change over a three or four month period.
Enough from a colourist I think!

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