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Rank Problem

Here's a real head-scratcher we could use some help with:

Older Mk IIIC (800 series servo boards) that has been updated with Digi IV,
Metaspeed, and Festival, with CCC "Sunburst II" color correction...

Problem is intermittent framing hits in the picture (i.e. the frame line
jumps up about half way), accompanied by horizontal streak of 40-50 lines
near the top of the frame.  Will get a bunch of these to happen maybe once or
twice a shift, after which everything settles down for a while.  Seems to be
aggravated by speed changes, and is generally worse if the machine has been
sitting idle for a few hours.  Happens in still or in play, and breakup is
plainly visible in the scan patch.  Also makes no difference if telecine is
in local or remote.

Things tried so far include replacement of 1133 Store Control 2 board in
Digiscan, replacement of Metaspeed with original analog servo (with and
without the Varispeed board) and frame timebase board, replacement of line
timebase board, cleaning and checking of all connectors and wiring, and use
of a sync DA to clean up and strengthen the frame pulse for the various
places it has to go.  Another suite shares the same sync generator sources
without problem.  It has our own "Super Sync" controller (similar to a TLC),
but this has no control over the speed of the telecine other than when
locking the capstan up during an edit.

Suggestions other than the obvious (put the machine out on the street and let
the New York City Parking Violations Bureau tow it away) would be welcome.

Christopher Bacon