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Re: Metaspeed Biphase output

> Does anyone out there use the one pulse per frame biphase output of
> the metaspeed, or the 7 pin din biphase out with Metaspeed
> installed. I have some questions about this signal. If you are using
> it sucessfully or have had problems with it, please E-mail me
> directly with your experiences. Thanks in advance. Vince.

 Hello Vince,

  This signal is used with the daVinci to drive the Bi-phase counter. 
I also have this connected to the Aaton systems for their count 
pulses are well.  The good thing about this output is the fact that you can 
vary your pulse to picture timing in 90 degree steps to accommodate 
the requirements of your color corrector.  The daVinci wants the 
bi-phase counter to be updated at apx 50% of picture scan .  Or 
if you manually advance the puck on the Rank,(turning the puck by 
hand), as the frame line pass by 50% picture height, counter should 
increment on daVinci.  If you have a time logic,  this counter should 
increment at apx 2/3 picture height.  Timing of these two signals is 
internally offset inside the daVinci Remaissance frame.  If you are 
having occasional color timing problems,  you might check to see
that this is true.  The timing can be changed by moving the wires to 
different combinations of pins.  The outputs are shown in the metaspeed 
  Vince,  Hope this helps,   Call be directly if  you have any 
 Later....David Warner   Crawford Communications  Atlanta