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Re: still store inquiry

Adrian wrote-
>How do you deal with Quickframe from daVinci? I have one and I know it does
>not have multiple images nor built in wipes.
 I did not see a reply to this so here are some details;

The da Vinci User Interface, based on the SGI platform, when fitted with the
Visual Scene Representation (VSRs)option,  has multiple images, one for each
event, included. These can be linked to frames on the Quickframe or any other
disk recorder. Both the VSR and the full res Quick frame image are grabbed
automatically when a mark is added/inserted to the list.

The Ursa can be used to provide a simple wipe, but mostly suites with this
configuration have a digital video switcher in the suite too

The da Vinci can then browse images either using scroll mode, or by stepping
through the disk recorder directly. 

>What's the resolution of the image pools you save together with lists?
>(within INDY I think)
Images stored with sessions on the Indy are of a size that allows 7 images to
the monitor screen width and compressed. They are used for scene identification
not color matching. The corresponding DDR images are 444 (or 422) non

The VSRs on the indy are recovered automatically with the session. At present,
once stills are overwritten on the DDR, they can only be linked by grabbing
each still manually (from the da Vinci panel)

All the Best
Kevin Shaw
Freelance colorist and consultant