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Re: D1 control track problems

Interestingly enough, I came across this old posting, now that we at Editel
are having the *same* problem, on different machines...DVR1000s. We have
had several embarrassing episodes in the last coupla weeks. Anyone else?

Mike Orton

At 2:57 PM 6/18/96, Craig Nichols wrote:
>Has anyone been experiencing intermittent control track pulse dropouts on D1
>recently?  During record everything looks normal. During playback, when the
>sevro encounters one of these occasional missing pulses, it panics until it
>sees another valid pulse. Sony seems to acknowledge that there is a problem
>(possibly with tape stock?). I'm wondering if we are getting the same story
>as everyone else? We are using 2ks.  All in all, I'd rather have DCT.
>Craig Nichols
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