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Re: TWiGi?

At 7:22 AM 9/6/96, Tim Holmgren wrote:
>                                          TWiGi?
>                                          12:39 PM            9/5/96
>    The other day I received a nice brochure from Innovation TK on their
>called TWiGi. I'm interested in learning more about it and about how much
>of the
>system is applicable to the Mark III. I tried the compuserve address listed on
>the brochure and the Telecine website without success. If anyone
>associated with
>Innovation TK might be lurking  on the List, please e-mail or call. Thanks...

Dont look for an answer in the next week, Tim, theyre probably all at
bloody IBC, just like anyone else you want to get hold of.

Mike O

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