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Re: Color balance using Grafikons

Hi this is Juergen from Bangkok,
Sorry I cant tell you about a Graficon, but we use a VISTEC Black and White
D6500 Tube Type
Monitor (19") aside the color grading Monitor this is a permanent D6500
neutralising Lghtsource for your Eyes and the Monitor feed is usually the
composite OUtput of your recording Deck with TC and VTR Status inserted.
the Colormonitor itselfe is alligned with a Minolta CA 100 Color Analizer and
the backwall is a D6500 illuminated neutral grey painted one.
for Packcolorreference we mounted a shelf to the backwall were you can place a
product in daylight condition.
Vistec  UK is still selling these monitors.
Hope it helps
your Engineeringangel from any Heaven
Juergen from Bangkok
PS: any good engineer needed in your area I want to moove !!??