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No Subject

At 2:57 PM 6/18/96, Craig Nichols wrote:
>Has anyone been experiencing intermittent control track pulse dropouts on D1
>recently?  During record everything looks normal. During playback, when the
>sevro encounters one of these occasional missing pulses, it panics until it
>sees another valid pulse. Sony seems to acknowledge that there is a problem
>(possibly with tape stock?). I'm wondering if we are getting the same story
>as everyone else? We are using 2ks.....

Then Mike Orton wrote on  Sat, 14 Sep 1996 00:19:17 -0800
>Interestingly enough, I came across this old posting, now that we at Editel
>are having the *same* problem, on different machines...DVR1000s. We have
>had several embarrassing episodes in the last coupla weeks. Anyone else?

Yes, we're getting burned by it too, so far only the Sony decks, the BTS
seem O.K.   Everyone suspects the new "A" type stock, but no one will admit
to it.