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Re: IBC, etc.

	Hello all,
I had a very short time there, and I may have forgotten several things but:
	I was impressed with the quality of the picture on the Gold I found it
very clean I thought Twigi was installed inside but it was not. Rank did a
little trick, when the TK is in stop the picture it displays is a freeze frame
so you don't see the noise anymore like on a CCD TK, I don't know why they did
not want to admit this, I told them that even on run I found the image very
clean, I think they ow me/us an explanation.
	Innovation TK was there, I suggested they shoud organize demos because
you don't want to spend 18,000 pounds without trying first, in fact a demo was
held in Condor, but I could not go, I hope some others (Blake) will tell us.
	I saw the data output of the Spirit, frames going through a Hippi port
to an Onyx R10.000 with 4 processors then stored in a Ciprico disk array at the
rate of 2 fps. This way of doing things was only to show that the data output
exists, but I was told by Mike Christman that more realistic solutions will be
available before the end of the year: a data streamer providing a 50MB/s rate.
J Dowdell was demoing for Philips and comparing 525 outputs (noise, aliasing,
steadiness) of Spirit and Ursa Gold on the stand, Rank got angry to a point
that it was in the newspapers, I think the comparison shoud be done with an
Ursa equiped with all add-ons that are available on the market: Hush Kit or
Twigi, Metaspeed, Clearview etc. so we can see the very best of tube technology
vs CCD.
	Pandora was showing again the Sunroof that I have been using for 3
months now, (I wonder how I did before, it changed my life). Platinum, the SGI
platform has evolved since NAB and getting very very interesting especially for
people using the ESR (too many parameters).
	Da Vinci, was presenting EDwin, which is a little graphic tablet, that
give you the possibility to adjust your key mattes in a nice way, brush, paint,
rotate, zoom shapes etc, it has an automatic edge detection with 200 points but
there is no tracking, I found the mattes generated to have hard edges and a lot
of  aliasing... but it is brand new and may be perfect very soon, I believe it
is a step in the right direction.

	Regards from Jean-Clement especially to the friendly people of Options
Intl. I was not able to meet.