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Re: Color balance using Grafikons

The "Graficon" instrument was manufactured by Evershed Power Optics in
England. The company also manufactured servo packages for zoom lens in the
PC-70 era. I believe that Radamac/EPO who now make camera robotics is in some
form the successor company.

A similar instrument, the "IRT color comparator" was marketed in this country
for many years by Television Equipment Assoc. in South Salem, NY. Bill Pegler
was the contact and might know something about EPO.

Both instruments depend on having lamp current set using labratory spectral
analysis to establish the lamp color temperature, and a filament of specific
known chemistry. They would only hold calibration of a couple hundred lamp
hours before the lamp had to be changed and recalibrated. Thus I would be
very leary of relying on an old one. Are you seriously interested for
instrumentation or collectability?