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Re: Color balance using Grafikons

At 10:00 PM 9/16/96, Cdheuer at aol.com wrote:
>The "Graficon" instrument was manufactured by Evershed Power Optics in
>England.....A similar instrument, the "IRT color comparator" was marketed
>in this country
>for many years by Television Equipment Assoc. in South Salem, NY. Bill Pegler
>was the contact and might know something about EPO....... Are you
>seriously interested for
>instrumentation or collectability?

Thanks to all who supplied info on this topic. Yes we are somewhat serious
about resurrecting one as a quick-and-dirty monitor calibration check.

Special thanks to Ralph Sergeant at Film Technologies who contacted us
today with a loaner IRT unit to check out. A very close cousin, this unit
has a 2-position "brightness" control on the illuminator, whereas the
"Graficon" had a variable control, so we may still ultimately look for the
real McCoy. All those folks who said they may have one.....keep looking.

The loaner is great in the meantime though, Ralph! Next week we're going to
check it against a Philips!

Thanks again for the impressive response from TIG correspondents
here....eight postings in the space of a day.....whew.

And while I think about it, how about a TIG festivity at SMPTE, Rob?

Regards and cold ones to all

Mike O

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