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Re: IBC, etc.

On Sep 15, 11:41pm, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> Subject: IBC, etc.
> Will one or some of the returning IBC'ers fill us in on what they saw
> at the show?

	Hi, something else about IBC in addition to my mail of the 16th, I saw
the Aaton instant sync working, they had a Beta playing rushes with 3 lines
VITC with Aatoncode and keycode, it was impressive to see the sound being on
sync thanks to the JAZ drive following whatever the Beta was doing, even after
fast shuttle  on the Beta it took a few frames to sync again in the middle of
any take without preroll. You can throw away your Nagras and DAT, and
synchronise rushes in the TK without thinking about it.

	Jean-Clement Soret