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Color using Grafikons & SGI

TBOND007 wrote:
> Monitor setup is either correct or it's not.  Quick & dirty just doesn't
> cut it.

This is rather an annoying statement....

Now onto another subject.  Today I found out that very soon Indy's and
Onyx's will no longer be made.  I understand that Jan is the last date
for an Onyx and from bad memory Indy's will be history around the same
sort of time.

What plans have DV and Pandora made for the new platforms, and will it
make any difference in reality?  I understand that they may even be

J.C. made some comments about Edwin, which I had mentioned earlier.  I
am presuming it is based around "key in" and "key out", and allows the
user to select the area to be effected.  Please clarify.  Thanks!

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