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Re: Keycode number fields

<< I have received my first telecine with Keycode windows and I am
<< unclear as to what is the precise information conveyed in the last
<< alpha-numeric field of the Keycode number.  I know that it is related
<<  to postion in the pull-down sequence, but I was a bit confused when
<<  reading the sequence frame to frame on the video.  Each five video
<<  frame sequence of Keycode numbers ends A1  B1  B3  C2  D2, with each
<<  value appearing to be the same for both fields of a specific video
<<  frame.  
<<  Phillip J. Wacker-Hoeflin             pwacker at oa.ithaca.edu
<<  Post Production Facilities Supervisor                   
<<  Ithaca College, Roy H. Park School of Communications           
<<  Ithaca, NY  14850-7256                Phone: 607-274-1973 >>

It appears you are viewing from a SVHS.  The SHVS does not show both fields
in the jog mode.  For a more accurate count use a 3/4", Betacam or 1".