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Re: Color using Grafikons & SGI

Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> On Sep 18,  0:05, Ken Robinson wrote:
> } Subject: Color using Grafikons & SGI

> > This is rather an annoying statement....
> Well, it's Tim's viewpoint, and there may be some misinterpretation
> here: I think Jeff's original statement about 'quick & dirty' is not
> necessarily to be taken too literally, and doesn't apply directly to
> monitor setup, per se, so Tim's comment is slightly off the axis of
> Jeff's argument vector.

We all live in an imperfect world, see the thread from D Corbitt for
example, if you can't keep the TK stable.........  Anyway, monitor set
up in itself is something that every post house in the world has some
sort of trouble with.  Until some miracle happens, we will have to live
with it.

> What will replace the Onyx in the SGI product line?

I will come back on this one tomorrow; the info is at the office and I
am at home!

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