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Help support the TIG!

Today I purchased an old DaVinci Classic from someone  on the list, and we
both decided to contribute to the list (pending management approval at the
seller's location) about 5% of the purchase price.

I know there have been some very big purchases (like URSAs) made with the
help of the list, and not a penny has been contributed by the involved
parties to help with the cost of maintaining the list.  While 5% of a big
purchase is of course too much, please send something!  

I'd hate for Rob to get discouraged at the high expense of maintaining the
list.  So if you haven't made your annual donation, please send money!

(Rob is probably cringing in embarrasment at the PBS-like nature of this...
  Sorry, Rob!  I'm embarrassed, too!  So send money so this harrasment will
end!!!  Only you can stop it!)

Jeff "quick, not dirty" Kreines