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Re: Color using Grafikons & SGI

Rob writes (it can be nice to have a moderator sometimes!):

)) I think Jeff's original statement about 'quick & dirty' is not
necessarily to be taken too literally, and doesn't apply directly to
monitor setup, per se, so Tim's comment is slightly off the axis of
Jeff's argument vector.((

All I really meant by "quick and dirty" was that I felt an affordable
standard - i.e. a 6500 degree Kelvin gray scale (calibrated), lit by a
calibrated lamp -- might be a useful device. 

 Probes are cool but a stable means of eyeball comparison is still useful.
 Remember early light meters (up through the cool SEI spot meter favored by
Ansel Adams) and densitometers used the "extinction" principle.  Basically,
the area being measured appeared as a small circle, surrounded by a donut of
calibrated light.  Just slide an ND wedge back and forth until the circle
matches the donut, and, voila!

I am thinking of a long (as long as  a BVM-1910 is wide),  narrow (about 1"
wide) probe, with gray patches to line up with one's favorite source of gray
bars.  I was planning to keep colors out of it, but will listen to any

Please email me suggestions, or if you are interested in one.  If enought
people want one, I'll pursue it.

Jeff Kreines