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Re: Color balance using Grafikons

On 9/16/96, I wrote:

"Thanks to all who supplied info on this topic. Yes we are somewhat serious
about resurrecting one as a quick-and-dirty monitor calibration check."

In response to the "constructive" comment below, which I interpret as a
snide remark, however well intentioned, I refer the plonker, er, I mean,
*author* to my signature remark below this posting!

At 5:05 PM 9/17/96, TBOND007 wrote:
>Monitor setup is either correct or it's not.  Quick & dirty just doesn't
>cut it.

Yeah, thanks, bud.

BTW thank you to Jeff Kreines for *correctly* understanding my intention
with this remark. I suspect there are a number of Graficons lurking out
there in post-production land ready to be revitalized, but there may yet be
room for an up-to-date version. I have to agree with Jim who wrote:

"Judging from the quality of most all of Jeff's postings, I have no doubt that
he could properly research and assemble such a device."

And now let me stomp on this spark before it becomes a "flame"

Thanks Jeff & Jim

Mike O

signature remark follows:-

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