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Re: Color using Grafikons & SGI

>> TBOND007 wrote:
>> > 
>> > Monitor setup is either correct or it's not.  Quick & dirty just doesn't
>> > cut it.
>> This is rather an annoying statement....
>Well, it's Tim's viewpoint, and there may be some misinterpretation
>here: I think Jeff's original statement about 'quick & dirty' is not
>necessarily to be taken too literally, and doesn't apply directly to
>monitor setup, per se, so Tim's comment is slightly off the axis of
>Jeff's argument vector.

I seem to have spoken to quickly & harshly (about a subject that has 
annoyed me for years) . . . and defer to the copius messages stating so 
("Damn, that flame is hot!).  I'm all ears.

My apologies.

Tim Bond