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75/100% bars question

When we see 100% color bars on a tape does this mean that the chroma on 
this tape is referenced to 100% or is the actual chroma on the tape 
referenced to 75%. I have seen 100% color bars on tapes that were so 
consistently overchroma, that I could only assume that the chroma is 
referenced to 100%. Yet I have also seen tapes where the chroma looked 
more like it was referenced to 75%. I have heard tell of 2 masters of 
the same show 1 with 100% bars, the other with 75%, the signal on both 
tapes was identical (referenced to 75%).I have been told that the reason 
for 100% chroma is to take advantage of all of the dynamic range 
available in 8 bit 601. this argument would indicate that the recording 
on the tape was actually referenced to 100% chroma. Any help/standard 
info on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Vince.