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Re: 75/100% bars question

Phil Mendelson wrote:
> Vince Forcier wrote:
> >When we see 100% color bars on a tape does this mean that the chroma on
> >this tape is referenced to 100% or is the actual chroma on the tape
> >referenced to 75%. I have seen 100% color bars on tapes that were so
> >consistently overchroma, that I could only assume that the chroma is
> >referenced to 100%..........................
> Well actually, if the program chroma were consistenly and commensurately as
> hot as the 100% bars, that would tell me that those bars were actually 75%
> and needed to be tweaked as such to bring program chroma to where it
> belongs.  Make sense?
> On the other hand, the grey scale will tell you whether they are 100 or 75%.
> Cheers...

Weren't we all dealing with this in the Quad and 1" days?  I mean, it
didn't really matter which you used, 100 or 75, so long as you tweaked
the TBC to the reference.  I just remember you needed to use a little
experience to set up analogue 100% as the tape really couldn't handle it

Vince, what are you recording on?  I mean D1 is D1, and if you are using
D2, its a bit like driving an old 1".

or Have I missed the point here????

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