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        The problem has allways been, in the Sony D-1s and other color bar
generators you could choose either 75% croma with 75% luminance white bar or
100% croma with 100% luminance white bar. The 75% bars were allways hard to
set up the luminance trying calculate 75% of 100IRE or 700mv out on the tape
room floor. The 100% bars are easy to set up the luminance however in the
states the 100% croma is sometimes misunderstood since we have been raised
with 75% croma on our SMPTE bars. The bottom line is you have to be carefull
and judge the program content with the bars presented. Some houses help by
labeling the tapes (75% luminance,75% croma ). The best solution I believe
is to loose the full field bars and use a matrix 601 test generator that
includes both 75% and 100% croma and 100% luminance.

        Howard Lukk
        International Video Conversions 
        Burbank, CA         
Howard Lukk
h2l at earthlink.net