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Re: D1 control track problems

Here at POP we have had a few instances of this problem with D1 CTL drop
outs. They happen more with the DVR2000 series machines than the
DVR1000.  This happened after several months of using the new tape.  One
of the problems with the DVR2ks is that the in-drum ctl head can clogg
fairly easy and cause playback problems.  The case where the record
drops out has to do with how many hours you have run with the new tape
as compared to the old tape. I think what happens is that the new tape
"cuts" a new path in the lower scanner different from the old tape which
can cause problems for both types of tape.  We had an instance where the
the new tape got "very fine" edge damage from a suspect machine which
when taken to other DVR2ks they "could not" record the CTL pulses on
tape.  The suspect DVR2k had almost 5000 hours in the lower, so the fix
was to replace the complete drum assy.
  As far as the DVR1000 machines having record drop out problems we have
not had that happen here.  The audio head stack should be replaced at
the second rebuild along with the audio head base assy to insure stable
tape path.  Pinch rollers last around 800 hours and should always check
tape handling in "var" fowards and backwards for minimum of 20 seconds
each when replaced.
   You can do alot more things with a D1 than a DCT machine, I'm still
partial to the D1s.

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