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Re: IBC Itch & Urge

Mike Reichel is quite right about the light source. The real users I have spoken
to say that the variable light level is one of the most useful tools on the
machine. There are two sorts of light control: electro-mechanical vanes for
coarse adjustment, and variable current for fine adjustments. A photo-electronic
feedback circuit keeps the level constant once set.

But as Mike is determined to start an argument about something, I will say that
he is on slightly unsafe ground by mixing scientific arguments with a
qualitative judgement on the success of the "colour plus luminance detail"
design. The fact is that the colour sensors are 960 pixels wide, and they are
enhanced by a single (luminance) detail 1,920 pixels wide. Those nasty people at
Cintel have even taken to calling it "960 pixel resolution plus aperture

Scientifically, I have great concerns about green screening on Spirit, because I
am not sure how sharp the mattes would be. However, anyone who did attend IBC
will have seen John Dowdell's showreel which has a multi-level commercial for
Hitachi which is absolutely beautiful, and John assures me that none of the
mattes needing retouching. As I have said many times before: "What do I know?"