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RE>IBC Itch & Urge

I agree, the light source is a well designed unit.
The light is nicely diffused, BTS were kind enough to show me how this wo=
rks on a FLH1000 some time ago.

With Kodak's backing and indeed huge expertise then some good interesting=
 technology should be forthcoming.
I heard a rumour that there is another generation of ccd coming from Koda=
k, maybe this is rubbish but I for one would be interested in the results=
IBC was a good show for the Spirit/Thunder with lot's of interest, if the=
y can package the machine a little more attractively in terms of price et=
c they will do well.
The Rank versus BTS slanging match at IBC was a bit disappointing and emb=
arrassing, companies should spend time focusing on their own business.
The press had a field day .