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Re: Tiffen Software

On Fri, 20 Sep 1996 02:28:08 -0400, you wrote:
>The Tiffen "filter" package is for the Kodak Cineon.
>To me, it seems all Tiffen have done is take the characteristics of certain
>filters and use them as names for various correction settings, to
>(ostensibly) facilitate conversation with cinematographers in a language that
>Tiffen wants them to use.  If it's cheap, perhaps it is of value, but
>otherwise it seems silly.
>Anyone else have ideas on it?  Am I off base here?
Not at all.  This falls under the same banner as the endless accessories
now being marketed for video cameras (stuff like follow focus knobs, matte
boxes, special zoom motors, chamois rings for the eyepiece, etc.).  

There is an ad running currently for the Sony 700 DigiBeta camcorder where
there is so much crap piled on it, you can hardly see the thing.

What is really ironic is that I've walked onto sets where a fully tricked
out camera like this is being used, and they've got three or four 250 line
9 inch Sony monitors looped off the output of the thing, all of them
terminated, with which they're critically determining set lighting. 

All this stuff is patterned after film camera accessories, and some of it
is OK but some of it is clearly intended just to make the camera department
feel warm and fuzzy.

Personally, most camera crews with which I've worked are more than warm and
fuzzy enough without adding any of that stuff.

Bob Kertesz
Blue/Green/Screen LLC

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