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cards for FREE

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Here is the list of the items that we will GIVE AWAY to help some people out
there that maybe are in need of these, the only thing that the interested will
have to pay is the shipping costs.

These are spare cards from a Rank Mark III 
Here is the list: 

-card rack with: 12522, 41314 (3x), 41318,
42223 (2x), 43110.  
-cards: 100256, 100503, 100516, 100557, 100574,
100641, 100642, 100646, 100730, 100733, 100744, 100798, 100894,

tarcis at CISHolywood.com

--- End of forwarded message from "Tarcis Verfaillie" <tarcis at cishollywood.com>

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