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Re: Tiffen Software

I thought that the Tiffen package was available for any SGI machine, so it
could also be used with Flame etc.
Anyway, filters belong on the camera :-)
I do like the idea of being able to say to my colorist "I'd like an 81EF on
this" but we often end up in more interesting places going the "a bit
warmer, no more brown" route.



> From: JKreines at aol.com
> To: telecine at sun.alegria.com
> Subject: Re: Tiffen Software
> Date: 20 September 1996 07:28
> The Tiffen "filter" package is for the Kodak Cineon.
> To me, it seems all Tiffen have done is take the characteristics of
> filters and use them as names for various correction settings, to
> (ostensibly) facilitate conversation with cinematographers in a language
> Tiffen wants them to use.  If it's cheap, perhaps it is of value, but
> otherwise it seems silly.
> Anyone else have ideas on it?  Am I off base here?
> --Jeff "Mr. Skeptical" Kreines
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