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Re: Mixing it up

Bob Festa wrote:
>From my understanding, cross processing involves a technique such as
>shooting an Eastman Camera Negative in a traditional fashion, but instead of
>processing in a ECN-2 developer, processing takes place in a non traditional
>print developer soup, such as process E-6. My understanding is that this
>process is a positive, or release print developer. ...<del>...

Hello Bob,
E6 is the Kodak reversal processing for Ektachrome films. If your client 
his ECN films souped in it, he got positive pictures ready for 
orange cast projection.

As I know here around some people interested in playing the 
Cross Processing game, can you ask the CP wizard who treated 
the film you transfered
to tell us how he eliminated the ECN rem-jet in an E6 processing machine.


(For the telecine duplication of this CP look, I am all ears)

Jean-Pierre Beauviala                               www.alpes-net.fr/aaton