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Re: Mixing it up


Cross processing usually consists of processing color reversal stock (like
5239, 5240, or 5251 or their 16mm counterparts) as color negative.  Negative
processed as reversal is less common, because the reversal process lacks the
rem-jet backing removal prebath, which is needed with EK color neg.)

For a good piece about this, read the American Cinematographer from about a
year ago, a piece about "Clockers" -- much of which was cross-processed.

It won't be easy to create precisely this look in telecine, I don't think.
 Lots of it has to do with radically increased gamma and short dynamic range,
and small latitude range of the reversal stocks.  My guess is that it's
important that the film be exposed this way, and processed this way, because
conventional neg has too much information on it!  Me, I always loved color
reversal stocks and the very punchy colors they yield, despite the difficulty
in shooting them (no latitude).  

Sometimes the true photochemical process can yield unique, even magical,
results that are hard to duplicate in telecine...

Jeff "7250 forever!" Kreines