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Re: IBC Itch & Urge

Mike Orton is undoubtedly right to say that the future lies in high resolution
scanning with subsequent electronic processing to get to the output standard
required (although anyone selling you an 8k scanner for 35mm film would be
better off selling refridgerators to Inuits, unless you know something more
about the future of Kodak's wet chemistry than I do).

The plain fact of the matter is, though, that just at the moment there is no way

1 - clock data out of a line array CCD fast enough;
2 - process it fast enough for colorists to do their jobs;
3 - move this data along a computer communications bus fast enough; and
4 - store it fast enough.

These are just the sort of problems which the good people at SGI, Xyratex and
the like love to store. Remember that, when IBM was founded, their corporate
vision was that the world market for computers might be as many as ten systems.

Today, far and away the bulk of the requirement for conversion from film to
electronic formats is for good old fashioned, regular vanilla 525/625, and for
that the telecine - for all its faults - is the best tool for the job. Which, I
am afraid, returns you to the doors of Philips and Cintel.

Dick Hobbs