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So Upon my return from IBC, I was surprised to find a LARGE
crate from Phillips had indeed descended upon SMA! I uncrated the 
Spirit on Friday, and boy is it heavy. The carpenters are not out of 
the new room yet, so it will be a few days before I can check 
the unit out. The installation seems quite straitforward. We will be 
controlling the Spirit with a Davinci Renaissence/DUI, with grain 
reduction (as needed) via MNR-11. By the way, John Dowdell did a real 
bang-up job in his demonstrations of the Spirit at IBC, and caused 
alot of consternation both public and private from our friends at 
Cintel. I had a chance to check out a TWIGI installed in the Ursa 
Gold at Condor Post in Amsterdam. I was so impressed that I ordered 
one. Delphi tells me that Stuart and co will be in New York some time 
in November to install it. The tube grain reducer alone is worthr 
the price of admission. It looks like the big winner in the 
Ursa/Spirit wars will be the Cintel enhancment companies like 
Options. After seeing a demonstration of Clearview, we will probably 
order one when it becomes available for the Ursa Gold. Eli Freidman 
landed at SMA after the Editel implosion, and he arrived with a full 
schedule of sessions every day. I will be back with a blow-by-blow 
report of the Spirit installation and checkout.
Dave Satin
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Director of Engineering        212.941.0439/F
SMA Video Inc.

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