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Re: Tiffen Software

Hi Geoff,

Geoff Boyle wrote:
> I thought that the Tiffen package was available for any SGI machine, so it
> could also be used with Flame etc.

It was written for Cineon and works in Cineon 10 bit log space, which
Flame does not support, even if it could be ported. Might be portable to
Inferno, though. I'll ask Raymond Yeong (who wrote most of it) if it
could eventually become a Spark.

> Anyway, filters belong on the camera :-)

Not everything in films is shot with a camera anymore...... I'm not
saying that's good or bad, it just is. And in the CGI/Live Action world,
it is quite useful to be able to apply the same filtration to a CGI
element as was used on the live action plate, or to add the filter
following the compositing.

> I do like the idea of being able to say to my colorist "I'd like an 81EF on
> this" but we often end up in more interesting places going the "a bit
> warmer, no more brown" route.

Ah, you're assuming a video finish. The Tiffen package, being Cineon
based, is primarily intended for projects finishing on film.

Mike Most