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Super8 questions!?!

I am writing regarding the transfer of Super 8 film to a digital tape

For an upcoming project I am hoping to shoot amongst other film formats
some Super8 which I would like to transfer to a common Digital format
such as Digital Betacam so as to be able to achieve some commonality in
contrast/chroma between the 35mm/16mm/8mm with tape to tape grading in
DaVinci, here in Vancouver, Canada

Essentially I am looking for info as to any company/post house which may
be set up to go to Digital tape (DBC, DCT, D1) from this format. 

I realize such a set-up likely does not exist anymore but I would
appreciate any suggestions regarding quality Super8 telecines that are
still in use. Any other information regarding this question or relating
to similar past enterprises gratefully recieved!

Thank You,

Matthew Griffiths