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Re: Tiffen Software


Well I was joking about filters belonging on the camera :-)

I was thinking of Spirit with SGI for interactive grading.

I do like the idea of the Tiffen software filters, and can see that they
would easily duplicate the colour filters, but have a great deal of
difficulty accepting that they can duplicate a Soft F/X or other diff. They
work so differently depending on the lighting conditions and the lens/stop
that you use.

I've just done my first Cineon job for projection, I want that resolution
and the ability to sit with my favourite colourist working in real time.




> From: Michael D. Most <mmost at smartlink.net>
> To: Geoff Boyle <Geoff at saccard.compulink.co.uk>
> Cc: telecine at sun.alegria.com
> Subject: Re: Tiffen Software
> Date: 22 September 1996 18:24
> Hi Geoff,
> Geoff Boyle wrote:
> > 
> > I thought that the Tiffen package was available for any SGI machine, so
> > could also be used with Flame etc.
> It was written for Cineon and works in Cineon 10 bit log space, which
> Flame does not support, even if it could be ported. Might be portable to
> Inferno, though. I'll ask Raymond Yeong (who wrote most of it) if it
> could eventually become a Spark.
> > Anyway, filters belong on the camera :-)
> Not everything in films is shot with a camera anymore...... I'm not
> saying that's good or bad, it just is. And in the CGI/Live Action world,
> it is quite useful to be able to apply the same filtration to a CGI
> element as was used on the live action plate, or to add the filter
> following the compositing.
> > I do like the idea of being able to say to my colorist "I'd like an
81EF on
> > this" but we often end up in more interesting places going the "a bit
> > warmer, no more brown" route.
> Ah, you're assuming a video finish. The Tiffen package, being Cineon
> based, is primarily intended for projects finishing on film.
> Regards,
> Mike Most