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Re: IBC 1996

neilfeld at imssys.imssys.com (Neil B. Feldman) wrote:
>Since only a few of those who read the mail here had the priviledge of
>attending this years IBC, I feel compelled to try to place the
>Philips/Cintel "confrontation" that unfolded over the course of the show in
>a (hopefully) clearer perspective.
Thanks, Neil. I don't believe you stepped on anyone's toes with this
rational report. I believe most of us have pretty highly developed BS
filters and we will get most of our usefull information from weighing the
opinions of those we know to be most fail and unbiased. The more
experiences we can have reported here, the better we can figgure this out.

>I am very glad to see the benefit of real competition begin to present
>itself to our small industry.
The competition is long overdue, IMHO. Painful as it is to witness, I still
think it will help our industry.

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