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Re: Tiffen Software


You have nothing to worry about :-)

I still haven't seen the final results projected, I guess I'll have to wait
until the London Film Festival starts, the shoot was for the trailer/intro
to the festival.

The results I saw on a SGI workstation looked great, the pictures were
definitely "smoother" and more "film print like" than I normally get. 

HOWEVER, the grading was going to be done at some time in the future after
the Alias work was finished and they couldn't say when that was going to
be, we did a guide grade Ursa to D1!.

Well they could say when the grade would be done, sometime in the next 5
weeks, now much as I always try to sit in on my transfers............. 



> From: JKreines at aol.com
> To: telecine at sun.alegria.com
> Subject: Re: Tiffen Software
> Date: 23 September 1996 16:53

> So how was it?  How were the projected results compared to conventional
> printing?  How much greater was the control you had over color and gamma
> density?  How envious should we all be of the Cineon?  ;-)
> --Jeff "telecine bottom feeder" Kreines