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Re: Mixing it up

On Sep 21,  3:27am, JKreines at aol.com wrote:
> Subject: Re: Mixing it up
> Bob:

> Me, I always loved color
> reversal stocks and the very punchy colors they yield, despite the difficulty
> in shooting them (no latitude).
> Sometimes the true photochemical process can yield unique, even magical,
> results that are hard to duplicate in telecine...

	Yeah! I agree, have you ever tried reversal 16mm or S8mm overexposed 3
stops,  then crush black level and boost color on your telecine ? it looks
beautiful when shot with care, the whites look so nice and not like
clipped/burnt video.
	There is a lab here which does internegative on ektachrome that they
call interekta, which looks unique...