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Spirit vs. Ursa Gold

This evening Mark Chiolis and Steve Russell of Philips brought a tape
to Editel for a viewing of material color-corrected and recorded at
Tape House NYC by John Dowdell, demonstrating the Spirit Datacine
against the Ursa Gold.

I liked very much what I saw of the Spirit's images, as I did when I
spent some time with the FLH-1000 a few years ago.  It makes beautiful

It is difficult, however, to judge one machine against another, when
the recorded results of a film transfer are skewed unfavorably, as it
appears were the scenes done on the Ursa Gold.  I was quite surprised
to see, in the transfer done on Tape House's Ursa Gold, unbalanced
whites and blacks, and some sort of contours problem or coring issue
that caused significant extra aliasing and line-pairing artifacts.  We
don't have problems of this magnitude on our Cintel machines.

However, I resolved to bring my own film to the Spirit at WME
(formerly SMPTE) here in Los Angeles in three weeks, which is just
what Mark and Steve wanted me to do.


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