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Re: Ursa Gold NT

On Sep 25,  9:07am, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> Subject: Ursa Gold NT
> Was the Ursa Gold 'New Technology' shown at IBC this year?  At NAB
> in April a machine was demonstrated with much quieter images than
> a standard Gold; rumor at the time was that it used photo-diodes
> instead of photocells.  Supposedly the cellbox was under lock and key...
> I've heard very little more about this machine-- can anyone give us an
> update?

	The Ursa on Cintel stand was the same as the one shown at NAB with "New
Technology" kept secret, the only difference was that when the machine is in
stop mode it shows a freeze frame, Cintel sent me a paper saying they did this
so the comparison with Spirit would be fairer as you can't see noise on a still
frame like with CCD. When I tried on the stand to move the capstan with my hand
to see what effect if would produce, Cintel people looked at me like I had done
something bad.