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engineering positions, Burbank, CA

Now appearing on the webpage classifieds (the second ad inaugurates a
new classified section, 'other employment'):


Two Engineering positions open at major video tape facility in Burbank
Video Tape Maintenance Engineer (day hours)
Telecine Engineer (graveyard hours)

...please reply in confidence to:

PO. BOX 7755
Burbank, Cal 91505


Senior Editor, Hollywood, CA, USA

      Todd-AO/Editworks, a fully digital post house, has an immediate
opening for a senior on-line editor. Needs to be able to work with
Abekas switcher, DVEous, A-57, A62-DDR, Accom, Axial editor,
etc. Excellent benefits. Salary proportionate with experience. Please
contact Beth McCamey 404-237-9977, or fax 404-237-3923. 


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