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Re: Ursa Gold NT

The Freeze in still feature, should not be confused with "New Technology". I
was using a production Ursa Gold for demos on the da Vinci stand. After 2 days
I had the freeze option fitted to the machine and so was able to judge the
benefits first hand.

Although at first it seems like a petty mod, I concluded that it was a
legitimate and worthwhile improvement. Why? Well, when a telecine is in run
mode, noise reduction cuts in. However, when grading on a still frame a noise
reducer does very little. The freeze mod removes some artifacts (which would be
removed when running anyway)  from the clients view. Moving the capstan by the
way would unfreeze the frame, and grading is in no way impaired. The only
disadvantage I found was that, unless the machine is switched to local, gate
focus changes can not be seen. The best way to establish the presence of the
mod is to open the mirror door. Magically the image remains un affected!

I understand the mod will be marketed as part of a package, probably with
programmable control of the gate focus (which will probably then need adjusting
with the film running).

As for "new technology" - I hope Cintel have something up their sleeve, because
I feel the future is in using our colorist skills on RI data. Right now that
seems to point clearly to Spirit/Thundercine and da Vinci Resolve, both of
which I have seen nearly working.:-)


>the only difference was that when the machine is in
>stop mode it shows a freeze frame, Cintel sent me a paper saying they did this
>so the comparison with Spirit would be fairer as you can't see noise on a
>frame like with CCD. When I tried on the stand to move the capstan with my
>to see what effect if would produce, Cintel people looked at me like I had
>something bad.