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Cintel Responses

I am pleased that Jean-Clement has raised the topic of the new freeze frame
feature for URSA. However, as it was raised in the context of the
alternative technology demonstrations, perhaps I can clarify the issue.  I
hope that this will be acceptable to the group as information and
clarification: it is not intended to be a sales pitch.

As Jean-Clement spotted, freeze frame is a new feature for URSA.  It was,
in fact, fitted to both URSA Golds on the booth at IBC.  Basically, when
the transport is stopped and you are not making any colour or positional
adjustments, the display automatically switches to the frozen output of the
framestore.  Touch any of the controls on the Pogle or Da Vinci and it
instantly cuts back to the live output of the front end.

It was not introduced to try to counter any arguments from our competitors.
 It was developed in response to requests from colorists who are fed up
with clients peering intently at still pictures and complaining about
residual noise, when we all know that, as soon as the pictures move, that
video noise is insignificant compared with the film grain.

To be perfectly honest, these days, Noise as we all know it is
insignificant not just on the URSA Gold but also the DataCine and one could
argue it is no longer a subject for comparison.

Incidentally, we have also listened to our customers in one other important
respect.  Freeze frame (unlike earlier options, such as JumpFree) can be
turned on and off.  If you don't like it, you can disable it very easily.

Freeze frame is part of the new focus effects package.  It is standard on
all future URSA Golds, and can be retro-fitted to existing URSA Golds and
4x4 URSAs.

To return to the topic of alternative technology, what we were showing at
IBC was essentially the same as at NAB earlier this year.  It is the latest
thinking from our research lab on the next generation of flying spot
telecine.  We have shown it at the two major exhibitions to gauge the
opinions of the industry, which seemed overwhelmingly to appreciate the
image clarity and reduced noise.

At IBC, though, we announced that, subject to development work proceeding
to schedule, we intend to have a practical implementation of this
technology available for sale by NAB next year.  You will appreciate that
we do not want to say too much about it at this stage, but our intention is
to offer our customers and potential customers a means of benefiting from
this latest technology. 


David J Fenton,
Sales Director - Rank Cintel Ltd (For today)