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Cintel Responses

Reading the recent Internet posting by Rob Lingelbach I was moved to say a
few words of my own.

Rob has commented on a comparison tape, prepared by Tape House, between
URSA Gold and Spirit shown at a recent meeting at Editel: I guess this is
that same tape which was used at IBC recently.  If that is the case, then I
am delighted that an experienced and independent observer such as Rob has
made the comments that he did. All of the Cintel people who saw the
presentation at IBC were very concerned that the URSA side of the
comparison did not represent the best the telecine is capable of achieving.

At IBC during a busy period I was confronted by a well known journalist,
who was just doing his job, but is respected for his love of controversy to
comment on certain aspects of Telecine and how the Philips Datacine is
impacting, if at all, on our business.

I think I did a good job convincing good old George that we at Cintel were
very confident, and proceeded to demonstrate the performance of URSA Gold
with pride.  I did however make comment, which eventually hit the front
page of the IBC Daily News, regarding the quality of a taped comparison,
which was claimed originated from an URSA Gold at the Tape House in New
York, as being not of a quality typical of an URSA Gold.

It was not meant to be negative or an attack on John Dowdell who
incidentally I have been friends with for more years than I care to

The one thing I just had to do in that interview was make it very clear
that the URSA Gold can do a much better job than that being portrayed on
the Philips booth in the form of that tape comparison, and that Ladies and
Gentlemen is my job don't you think?

I hope, Rob, that we will have the benefit of your views when you try the
Spirit yourself, with your own material, at ShowBiz Expo.

David J Fenton,
Sales Director - Rank Cintel Ltd (For today)