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Re: Ursa Gold NT

On Sep 26,  5:42pm, Kevin Shaw wrote:
> Subject: Re: Ursa Gold NT
> The Freeze in still feature, should not be confused with "New Technology". I

	Sorry for the confusion, I mentioned the Freeze as the only new thing
on the Ursa at IBC, nothing to do of course with "new technology"

> As for "new technology" - I hope Cintel have something up their sleeve,
> I feel the future is in using our colorist skills on RI data. Right now that
> seems to point clearly to Spirit/Thundercine and da Vinci Resolve, both of
> which I have seen nearly working.:-)

	I agree with you Kevin but I think the RI color correction tools don't
exist yet, I mean the way they should. I believe we will still be giving D1 ref
tape for Hi Res grading to the graphist for a while.

	Best regards